Calling All Dogs!

Eat Bark Love has a unique vision: a world where
all the dogs of Marin county
Eat! real food, Bark! with joy, and Love! to be with us while their folks are away or need a helping hand,
You are a unique dog with a mind, body and soul that all need tending, and we honor that. We offer our expertise in holistic care as an integrated part of all services, and freely share our resources to help you be your best.

Sure, we are a business… but our goal is to provide you something that has no price – wholeness and happiness!
Welcome to Eat Bark Love!

Top 3 Reasons to Try our Homemade Pet Food Recipes

1.your people eat organic whole foods and they look great…

2.what you do makes a difference – choosing local, sustainable, and humane means a better world for everyone

3.dogs should love what they eat – and our homecooked food is undeniably delicious!

What are you waiting for?
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