Love! Dogwalks

Pet Sitting, Day Visits + Dog-only Boarding:
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Attentive one-on-one care or personalized small group outings for your beloved pets provided by dedicated, experienced professionals.

We currently offer very small Group Walks in the natural havens of Marin County (serving Fairfax, San Anselmo and San Rafael)

Semi-private hiking expeditions

If you love nature and are in reasonably good shape, join our semi-private one hour trail hikes with up to 3 other happy dogs. All sizes, breeds and special needs are welcome – just be up for a challenge!

Each outing is tailored to the interests of the group, and each group is carefully composed based on dog size and temperament. Basic manners are reinforced using positive methods only, and all dogs are walked on-leash (exceptions made for dogs who can prove safe recall in legal off-leash areas).  Dogs must be social with known dogs and comfortable riding safely to/from hiking destinations in our vehicle.

Schedule: Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, rain or shine!


Flexible Schedule Rate:
10 Pack w/Flexible Scheduling: $300
Monthly Rates:
2 hikes/week: $240
3 hikes/week: $320
5 days/week : $540


Nature walks for seniors and slower dogs

Do you love fresh air and smelling smells? Bark out loud if you want to join us on adventures aimed at enriching your life, not breaking your back.

We would like to take you to our favorite quiet spots for exploring at a slower pace. We selects gentle terrain and you are encouraged to takes breaks to stretch or ask for a little  massage. This is a semi-private service, allowing our Dog Walker/Health Specialist to really get to know you individually.  We regularly adjust the duration of the walking time to maximize your well-being, but you can always count on an hour’s worth of TLC. Basic manners are reinforced using positive methods only. You must be social with known dogs and comfortable (with accommodations if needed) to ride in our vehicle safely.

Senior dogs, super senior dogs, dogs with arthritis, dogs with cancer, dogs with diabetes, dogs with heart conditions, dogs with kidney disease, blind dogs, deaf dogs, dogs with wheels… whatever you’ve got, we invite you to join us!

Schedule*: Tuesday/Thursday

* rain or excessive heat = automatic substitution with private visit/walk at home for same rate

Flexible Schedule Rate:
10 Pack w/Flexible Scheduling: $300
Monthly Rates with Set Schedule:
2 days/week: $240
5 days/week (adds 30 min private walks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday): $540


One-on-One Services

currently serving all of Marin County

Private walks in your neighborhood or at a nearby park for you dogs in need of a shorter walk, one-on-one management of behavior or health issues, or a quick bathroom break. Private walks are also appropriate if you are not comfortable hanging out with other dogs or are reactive to strangers.

Schedule: Monday-Friday 10am-4pm

15 min: $20
30 min: $30
45 min: $40

Day Visits

Day visits are for you dogs who need a patient & professional caretaker to visit during the day to assist with bathroom breaks or short walk, medication administration  (eye meds, pills, injections or subcutaneous fluids) and a general check-in to make sure you are well. We will send an update to your person after each visit. We are happy to clean up any accidents and get you re-set for the rest of your day. In the case that you are not doing well, we are able to take appropriate action, including additional at home care or a trip to the vet. This service is helpful for dogs with health conditions including diabetes, hospice dogs, and even puppies.

Schedule: Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm

or Monday-Friday 5pm-7pm, Saturday and Sunday


30 min: $30 day/ $40 evening or weekend

45 min: $40 day/ $45 evening or weekend

Additional time at agreed upon hourly rate.


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