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Dog Walks:
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Pet Sitting, Day Visits + Boarding

Who will LOVE you while your people are away?

All animals, all ages welcome.

**Special services offered to seniors and special needs pets!
If you are blind, deaf, or roll with wheels; have arthritis, diabetes,
a heart condition, kidney disease, or a cancer diagnosis; one leg, two legs, three legs or four … whatever you’ve got – or don’t – we LOVE you just the way you are. We are interested in getting to know You and what You need – and we are confident that with our years of experience providing hands-on intensive care for hospice, senior, and special needs animals, we can handle it.
For once, your people don’t have to worry about you!

Pet Sitting

We stay at your place! All the comforts of home, and you are able to maintain your regular routine. We are happy to look out for your people’s house, their easy plants, and their mail/package deliveries at no additional charge. We love animals of all species, and will LOVE your cats, birds, fish and reptiles too.

***Click here for more info about cat sitting services***

  • • Dog-Sitting begins at 6pm with dinner and a walk. We stay overnight with you, and in the morning feed you breakfast and go for a walk.
  • • Add-on a midday break, and your caregiver will come see you at lunch time. They will let you out, give you lots of loves, and who knows? they might even bring you a bite of something yummy. If you don’t need us during the day, that is fine! In fact, if you have a dogwalker we encourage you to keep your schedule with them – maintaining your routine will help you feel less stressed while your folks are out of town.
  • • If you would like your caregiver to stay with you all or part of the day, we are happy to look after you.

Cats and small animals:

RATES for dog sitting in your home:

  • • Overnight with AM walk & meal and PM walk & meal (6pm-8am): $70
  • • Add Midday visit: $25
  • • Add Part-Time Day Care between 8am-6pm: $40-55
  • • Add Full-Time Day Care between 8am-6pm: $75
  • • Add Additional Care (tell us what You need) extra special attention, hand feeding, hydrating drinks and/or sq fluids; injections; diabetes management; appointments for massage, acupuncture, veterinarian: rates vary
  • • Add Additional Dogs, Cats, Birds, Reptiles, extra-special Plant care: Tell us about your beloved creatures! We would love to love them, too. Rates vary.

Day Visits

Day visits are for you dogs who need a patient & professional caretaker to visit during the day to assist with bathroom breaks or short walk, medication administration  (eye meds, pills, injections or subcutaneous fluids) and a general check-in to make sure you are well. We will send an update to your person after each visit. We are happy to clean up any accidents and get you re-set for the rest of your day. In the case that you are not doing well, we are able to take appropriate action, including additional at home care or a trip to the vet. This service is helpful for dogs with health conditions including diabetes, hospice dogs, and even puppies.

RATES for day visits:

  • • Schedule: Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm
  • •• or Monday-Friday 5pm-7pm, Saturday and Sunday
  • • 30 min: $30 day/ $40 evening or weekend
  • • 45 min: $40 day/ $45 evening or weekend
  • • Additional time at agreed upon hourly rate.


When boarding, you get to stay at a cozy home in Marin with one of our staff members and their own friendly pets. It’s your very own staycation!

Boarding begins daily at 6pm with dinner and a walk. Then an evening chewing on a bone by the fireplace, or cuddled on the couch! In the morning, you’ll wake to the sun rising over the hills, eat breakfast and go for a walk. We will see you again at lunch time for a walk and some extra love. Be prepared to spend a few hours alone in the morning and afternoon while your caregiver goes to work – don’t worry, they will be right back! Boarding ends daily at 6pm. This service is appropriate for dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs and don’t mind sharing well-managed spaces.

Rates for Boarding

  • • Boarding for 24hrs (6pm-6pm): $80
  • • Add Early Drop-off / Late Pick-up: $10/hour
  • • Add Pick-Up or Drop-Off Service from your home: $15 plus mileage
  • • • Midday walk/bathroom break always included –
  • • Add Part-Time Day Care between 8am-6pm: $20-40
  • • Add Full-Time Day Care between 8am-6pm: $65
  • • Add Hospice Level Care
    • • (varies depending on You! extra special attention, hand feeding, hydrating and fluids, injections, appointments for massage, acupuncture, veterinarian): rates vary, let’s talk about it
  • • Additional Dogs: Rates vary – tell us about your furry family

*Basic manners are reinforced using positive methods only*





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