Omega Supplement: Yummy and good for you

How do you know if you have a good fish oil supplement for your dog?

First of all, it shouldn’t smell fishy! We love Iceland Pure Sardine/Anchovy Oil for it’s freshness – and it comes in aluminum bottles – no plastic!

2 pumps a day with food, it’s an easy delivery system for folks who don’t need the hassle of trying to give a big ol’ omega gelcap.

We like that they offer a several types of oil so you can rotate them. The Sardine/Anchovy Oil, a small nutritious white fish harvested in clean Arctic waters is a “cooling” choice in  Traditional Chinese Medicine for canine health and wellness. For a “warming” oil, try their Salmon Oil. Yum! 


Abby loves it. Bark! 4 paws up!

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