Goodbye, UTI…

Recurring urinary tract infections? Gracie knows all about that! She kept having “urgency-frequency” urination, aka a frequent and urgent need to pee, usually small amounts at a time. I’m sure she was uncomfortable, and left unchecked a UTI can become a bladder infection, a kidney infection and worse. In addition, treatment for UTI is antibiotics… and Gracie was developing UTI bacteria that was resistant to most antibiotics! We were terribly concerned that some day she would get UTI and we wouldn’t be able to treat her – as a senior lady, she was healthy but didn’t have youthful reserves of immune defenses, and she might get quite sick.

What if there was a preventative she could take daily to help her repel bacterial invaders climbing up her urethra? THERE IS!!!

D-Mannose is a simple sugar that is excreted in the urine (not digested in the stomach). When molecules of D-Mannose arrive in the bladder, they are sought out by hungry bacteria. The bacteria cling to the D-Mannose, and when Gracie pees – out they go, all together with the urine. The bacteria don’t have time to settle and UTI’s are prevented. So simple. and effective. Gracie lived another 4 years without contracting UTI again.

D-Mannose is available in powder or capsule form, and the taste is mild and sweet. I prefer the powder, since I can easily put a teaspoon or less into the food bowl. However, if you will be sharing this supplement with your dog, go for the capsules.

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