Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Raw “Tantalizing Turkey”

Grain free and made in the USA. Stella and Chewy’s Tantalizing Turkey gets 4 paws from Davey!

We humans like it too – it contains “secret” vegetables for pups who might pick them out of the bowl, and the ingredients are high grade.

Pro Tip: Rehydrate Stella and Chewy’s freeze dried raw patties by crumbling them into warm plain oatmeal and stirring vigorously. The result is a meat-flavored oatmeal that is a bit easier on a sensitive stomach than just the patties. Oatmeal is amazing!

Travel rating: Excellent! Lightweight and fine at room temperature. Easy to portion – throw a few patties into a baggie for your carry-on, and put the rest of the bag into your suitcase. Does require water – even if you feed it without rehydrating, your pup is going to need to drink after eating.

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