“small club stew,” the original homemade dog food recipe from eat bark love

small club stew! yum.

Our recipe for homemade food for dogs was inspired by Dr. Adam Piaseczny of Healthy Pets Veterinary Hospital.

We encourage you to make some yourself – your dog will agree that there’s nothing like a home-cooked meal!  Follow Dr. Adam’s basic recipe – then customize it with your dog’s favorite ingredients to make it your own.

A Homemade Diet Recipe for Dogs from Dr. Adam Piaseczny

– a basic recipe, needs to be adjusted to individual pet’s needs/lifestyle
– rotate proteins and vary or mix carbs
– try different fruits and veg to discover which your dogs like – we use a lot of green beans, blueberries, apples, kale, carrots, yams, and peas

Pro Tip: For dogs reluctant to eat veggies, try grinding them in a food processor, then add the small shredded veg/fruit bits to the meat in order to coat them with oils and flavor. There’s no way to pick them out of the bowl, and why would you? They now taste like meat 🙂


1 lb    lightly cooked ground meat (chicken/beef/turkey) 5-20% fat content
2-4oz    finely chopped organic liver (beef or chicken)

4 c    well-cooked whole grain (rice, barley, quinoa), potato, or sweet potato

2-4 c chopped and lightly cooked vegetables / chopped fresh or steamed fruit

0-1   can of sardines in water/oil

1-2   eggs, no shells

powdered calcium carbonate (like Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium)

an omega-3 supplement (fish or flax oil)

a multi-vitamin supplement (Animal Essentials, K9 Plus, Healthy Powder, Transfer Factor)


1. cook grains, yams or potatoes thoroughly. set aside to cool. well done grains are easier to digest, especially for dogs with digestive systems weakened by age or poor nutrition.
2. chop or food-process fruits and vegetables. cook vegetables. chopping and cooking breaks down the cell walls to allow mutts to access the nutrients. cook as lightly as you can for your dog’s own digestive abilities. (we cook ’em thoroughly for our older dogs)
3. lightly cook meat and organs until browned. allow to cool.
4. add raw eggs which will cook lightly with the heat of the meat
5. add calcium supplement read package for amount to add per pound of meat

6. mix in vegetables and fruit
7. mix in the grains, potatoes, or yams
8. add omega-3 fish oil and canine multi-vitamin* they can be added by the batch or to each meal per instructions on multi-vitamin

keep covered and refrigerated

rough feeding instructions:

average activity = 1 cup/day for every 10 pounds
dogs on a diet or super active dogs range from 1/2 – 2 cups/day for every 10 pounds

*multi-vitamin and mineral powders: we love to make Dr. Pitcairn’s Healthy Powder, or use Transfer Factor, K9 Plus, Missing Link, or Animal Essentials

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