Need a Quick Stomach Fix?

You never know when your pup might get an upset stomach or diarrhea/constipation… so we keep Fast Balance Pro-biotic paste on hand at all times! This product has helped so many of our mutts recover quickly from digestive upset, we recommend it without reservation.

When 16 year old Gracie got diarrhea, we knew to respond quickly – at that age, a minor issue can become dangerous in no time. I didn’t want to overreact, but I knew that she would get dehydrated, and possibly not want to eat if the diarrhea continued. Too soon to make a vet appointment? Probably, but I called an made an appointment for the next day just in case. Then I went to the cupboard, pulled out the trusty tube of Fast Balance, and used the dosing dial to squeeze out the proper amount. Gracie likes the way it tastes, and the paste is easy to administer. Probiotics and enzymes go to work!

By the time the vet appointment rolled around, Gracie had several doses of the paste and was eating “bland diet.” She was back to normal! We saved money on a vet appointment, saved Gracie the stress of going to the vet, and got her digestive system back on track quickly. Click here and scroll down to learn more about how Fast Balance works.

The gastro-intestinal system is the easiest way to access “input” for your dog – through good food, vitamins and supplements. Keeping this system up and running consistently is key to wellness for dogs of all ages. Thank you, Vetri-Science!

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